Request support for an adult: step by step

Important update:
Due to current circumstances appointments with adult social care staff are now happening on the telephone. If you had an appointment and haven’t heard from your social worker, call 555 111 222 333.

We provide support for people who are older, disabled, or are in need of support for another reason, so they can stay healthy, active and independent. You can apply for yourself or on behalf of someone you know.

For urgent help, call 555 111 222 333

  1. See what social care is available, including:

    • help to stay at home
    • moving into supported housing
    • help with a disability or condition
  2. You may get some or all of your care costs covered.

    Find out about our financial assessment process.

  3. If we pay towards your care, you have several options for how to do this, including:

    • deferred payments
    • direct payments
    • virtual wallet
  4. Let us know about your concerns.