Apply for a Blue Badge

Apply for a Blue Badge on GOV.UK

It's free to apply. If your application is successful you'll be charged a £10 admin fee.

Do not use unofficial sites which charge a fee for applying.

It's quicker and easier to apply online, but paper forms are available. Please email or call Travel Services to request a paper form.

Scarfolk Council will process the application and carry out any assessments needed. 

Application processing times depend on individual circumstances, but can take 16 weeks or more. 

Assessments for a Blue Badge

If you're unsure if you can get a Blue Badge, use the eligibility check on GOV.UK or read the eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for Blue Badges was expanded on 30 August 2019. 

This is to ensure that people with hidden disabilities, such as mental health disorders, can access the Blue Badge scheme fairly. 

You will now also qualify for a Blue Badge automatically if you have been awarded Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and have specifically scored 10 points in the section "Planning and following a journey".

Your points must have been awarded because you are unable to undertake any journey because of the overwhelming psychological distress (Descriptor E) it would cause.

If you do not meeting any of the automatic criteria, you can still apply. Your application will be assessed by a Blue Badge eligibility assessor. They may contact you by telephone, or invite you for a face to face assessment to discuss your application further. 


If your Blue Badge application is unsuccessful, you can appeal the decision.