Blue Badges for organisations

Organisations are eligible for a Blue Badge if they have responsibility for the continuous care of 5 or more people who are eligible for Blue Badges. Organisations working with fewer than 5 eligible people are advised to support them to apply for personal Blue Badges.

Organisational Blue Badges can only be used in: 

  • vehicles taxed under the disabled passenger vehicle (DPV) taxation class
  • Ambulance (NHS) class vehicles

How to apply

Apply for a Blue Badge on GOV.UK

It's quicker to apply online, but you can also contact Travel Services for an application form. Call 555 111 222 333 or email

Please return the completed form with either: 

  • a photocopy of your registration certificate V5 showing DPV status
  • another proof of DPV or ambulance status from the DVLA, such as an email about the vehicle