Places to skate.

There is a metal skate board ramp in Rotary Field, a small concrete finish skate facility with quarter pipe and taco ends at South Norwood Recreation Ground. There is also a purpose-built skate park in Wandle Park. 

Wandle skate park is designed for BMX bikes, skateboards, skaters and micro scooters only.  It is free to use, unsupervised and has no lighting or roof,  Seating is provided around the outside for spectators.  It has over 15 items of equipment, including:

  • mini ramps and transitions
  • grind boxes
  • grind rails
  • quarter pipes
  • rollin
  • flat banks
  • spine
  • jumpbox
  • driveway.

Please help us to keep the site clean and safe by following these rules:

  • respect the opening times, other park users and local residents
  • do not use in wet or icy conditions
  • wear suitable protective clothing
  • receive suitable training before using this facility
  • do not use motorcycles or motorised scooters
  • do not enter the skate park just to watch or if you are too young to take part
  • do not take dogs, glass bottles or alcohol into the skate park
  • report any damage or incidents to us using the contact details below
  • use the litter bins provided.

The Council accepts no responsibility for damage, loss or personal injury whilst using these facilities